Revitalize after exercise!


Do you need energy after your routine? Kdrink has revitalizing properties to help you!

When exercising, the body may increase the temperature in different degrees because of the over-exertion that we make with the muscles when we move. Thereby, it is very important to keep our body hydrated while we are exercising. Therefore, losses of fluids and electrolytes can be replenished, as well as improving sports performance before, during and after the routine.

For many athletes it is difficult to find the perfect drink for post training; the drink to help replace some of the gaps that occur when exercising.

As we explained in other posts, Kdrink is a drink that contains guarana, mate and coca leaf; ingredients that are being used for therapeutic purposes. That's why it is no wonder that Kdrink has numerous benefits for those who play sport either regularly or sporadically.

Kdrink has revitalizing properties (precisely thanks to the coca leaf, the guarana and the mate) that improve concentration, brings you energy and vitality. It is suitable for those who have problems sleeping at night, because it is a drink that provides energy but does not interfere with sleep patterns.

El seu sabor suau amb notes de llimona combina a la perfecció amb les fines bombolles. Perfecte per respirar una mica!

In addition, is refreshing, a point in its favor when it comes to exercising, as it will help you keep hydrated and fresh. Its soft taste with a bit of lemon The combine perfectly with the bubbles. Perfect for breathing!

I si ets dels que està realitzant exercici per baixar de pes, tenim una bona notícia per a tu: redueix l'estrès, suprimeix la gana ia més té propietats crema-greix. I tan sols 22 calories per llauna!

And if you are doing exercise to lose weight, we have good news for you: it reduces stress, suppresses the appetite and also has fat-burning properties. And only 22 calories per can!

Said that, join a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise taking Kdrink!