Mineral Spring Water lightly carbonated (rated as the best in Austria) Contains minerals that are beneficial for health: Bicarbonates (149mg/L), Calcium (29.4mg/l), Magnesium (13mg/l), Potassium (0.87mg/l), Iron (0.01mg) and Manganese (0.005mg/l) among others.

Apple*, Purple Carrot* and Blackcurrant* Juices from concentrates.  Source of minerals, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, C and F), antioxidants and amino acids.

Extracts of Coca Leaf (1) and Green Coffee Beans* (a source of energy based on natural caffeine), antioxidants and aromatic oils.

Natural flavourings and citric acid.

* Organic Ingredients. Organic certification CT005032E, Control Authority Code ES-ECO-019-CT.

(1) In accordance with European legislation, Directive (EC) No 1334/2008 and the FDA in the USA.

Did you know that coca leaves can be used in the food industry as a flavouring without any alkaloid?  

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