Natural  Benefits

Delicious organic refreshing drink, lightly carbonated, sweetened with apple juice & cola flavour, with antioxidants.


80% Organic Apple juice from concentrate.  Source of minerals, vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B6, C and F), antioxidants and amino acids. See more information in the website in  Apple Juice.

Organic extract of  Pomegranate with antioxidant, vitamins, minerals & amino acids.

One unit of  Kdrink (250 ml) contains 365 mg of  POMANOX, pomegranate extract with antioxidants which 110 mg of Punicalagins the most powerful antioxidants (corresponding to 2,5 units of  whole fresh pomegranates) with many scientific studies that confirm their beneficial effects. See more information in the website in  Pomegranate Extract.

Organic Malt extract, source of  antioxidant, vitamins, minerals & amino acids). See more information in the website in  Malt Extract.

Organic Cola Flavour & citric acid.

 Organic product according new EU organic legislation  (01/2022).


  • Fight fatigue and prolonged physical efforts
  • Improves performance and  immunity
  • Stressless

See more information in the website regarding more properties validated with scientific studies in Apple Juice, Pomegranate Extract & Malt Extract.

- Kdrink is VEGAN, few calories (35 kcal) and  free from genetically modified organisms  (GMO Free).

- Gluten free.

- Maximum quantity 2 units of Kdrink 250 ml per day.