Although it is designed to be a healthy energy drink that is ideal for reducing tiredness and fatigue, contributing to mental performance and maintaining endurance performance when carrying out physical activities, it is perfect to drink at any time of day, either with meals or on its own thanks to its naturalness, pleasing flavour and colour.

It stands out for its steady stimulating effect without peaks and slumps!! This differs from conventional energy drinks, which mainly contain synthetic caffeine and taurine.

It refreshes with few calories (28 kcal/119k) and is free from genetically modified organisms. Gluten free.

The packaging is BPA-free.   

We only use natural ingredients, free from sugar (sweetened with apple concentrate), free from taurine, free from artificial preservatives and flavourings. 

KDRINK’s ingredients have the following properties: 

  • Help with combating fatigue and prolonged physical efforts.
  • Improve concentration and the immune system.
  • Antioxidants.