A coca leaf extract is develop, collaborating in this work, several prestigious European laboratories, the University of Girona and the Spanish Medicines Agency.

The necessary permissions are requested to the World Health Organization of the United Nations (www.incb.org) for import and industrialize  an extract of coca leaf decocainized.

During its development, we contacted with various health organizations, such as the EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), the DGSANCO (European Directorate General for Health and Food Safety) and the Committee of Experts of the Council of Europe, which is responsible for preparing reports and evaluating aromatic substances for food security.

They also assist in the validation of the product, the health authorities of Switzerland, Italy, Spain and Poland. In Italy, it is published in the Italian Official Goverment Report (Gazeta Ufficiale) the authorization of the product after a detailed study.

In USA, the product passes all controls FDA (Food Drug Administration), DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration) and Home Security.