We started our first business project over 15 years ago in Peru with the mission of developing a refreshing iced tea-style drink based on coca leaves, which we launched with the name of our flagship brand KDRINK.

After a long journey and numerous studies with the participation and collaboration of a variety of universities and different prestigious laboratories, international institutions and health authorities from several countries, we have stayed faithful to our roots and the result of all of this work is our current project. In this way, in line with what has become a market trend and with the aim of developing healthy and environmentally-friendly products, we have dedicated ourselves to transforming and leading the organic drinks market in recent years.

We continuously work to choose the finest flavours, extracts, and natural juices on the market to make our products. Even the mineral water we use in our organic drinks is regarded as one of the best and purest in Austria.

We also develop organic drinks for other companies from the sector under their own brands.

We are working on preparing new products.